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All The Must-Have Summer Items I Bought At H&M

David Ruff

Trendy or classic, I love a good clothing haul, especially for Summer. Instead of going Barney's or an expensive department store, I opted for H&M, which believe it or not has some great quality pieces when you actually look. I found that H&M suits my body the best for denim, as I have a small waist and rather defined booty (LOL). Below I selected my favorite must-have pieces that I purchased for my Summer wardrobe. 

Distressed Denim Shorts  $24.99

Blue Jeans $39.99

Linen Short Sleeve Button Down $24.99

Linen Shorts $29.99

White Knit Shorts $12.99

Classic Tank $7.99

Stay tuned for upcoming outfit posts featuring such items!

Where Did The Statement Puffer Trend Come From? Shop For Him & Her

David Ruff

Why do all of these fashion editors and bloggers have these extremely large, almost elephantine-like puffers? I know Santa is the figurehead of Winter, and are we all trying to look like him? Yes, the answer is yes.

After Balenciaga introduced oversized puffers, specifically their iconic red one with matching scarf, circa Fall 2016, puffers; once a fashion faux pas, became the it-item for every style obsessed Instagrammer. From bold reds, to muted monochromatic tones, to metallic exteriors, the puffer isn't going away anytime soon. As the temperatures drop and the sales increase, it is time to indulge in a timeless warm puffer or catch the latest deal for the trendiest puffer. Because what beats a combo of functionality and chicness?

Sold out; Forever 21 Men, $40

Yesterday, I did an Instagram post with my metallic silver puffer from Forever 21 Men, and it sold out shortly after. With many of you asking for additional links I now curated a selection of metallic puffers for women and men. If you ask me, this is the perfect gift this holiday season, for that fashionable friend or lover in your life. Or even for that non-fashionable person in your life because this statement jacket can upgrade an outfit from bland to ultra-luxe, or as I like to say; the difference Andy pre and post Miranda Priestly (If you didn't get that “Devil Wears Prada” reference, watch it...). Shop the puffer you desire by simply clicking on the image.

Shop for Her


Shop for Him

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!


Incorporating Classic With Sleek Street Style

David Ruff

If you are like me, you tend to repeat the same outfit over and over again. I keep on finding myself asking, what articles of clothing I can mix and match? 99% of the time I'm in all black, and I have acquired some new chic black pieces, like these cargo pants with the statement zippers. During Autumn, layering is one of the best things you can do; logic-wise and style-wise.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

Classic Top with Versatile Bottom


I started with my base - the black pants which are relatively "street style", if you will. Keeping it in the neutral family, I selected a grey fitted sweater, although the outfit seemed bland. I added a pair of red "sock sneakers" to give the outfit a bright pop, but something was seemingly missing. I was staring at my closet going over what I could layer that could still be polished yet casual. The epitome of effortless chic is looking put together with modern elements; such as red sneakers and zippers on your pants.



Play with unexpected colors, styles, textures.

I soon picked a blue and white striped button down is a classic piece that you can wear on the beach during Summer, or under a cashmere pullover in Fall. The texture and structure gave it a street style vibe when it was complementing all the other articles of clothing, as the collar and timeless pattern essentially put together the whole look.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg
FullSizeRender 5.jpg

When shopping, I always try to picture five completely different ways I could style that piece of clothing, and if I can't do that then it's not worth it. The great thing about staying within the same color family with your clothing is that everything in your closet most likely will match. The days of wearing the same black ripped jeans three days in a row are gone, incorporating different vibes creates a new vibe, and that vibe is you. At the end of the day, remember you wear the clothes, not the other way around. 


Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!


Photography by Lexi Meyerowich

What I Wore + The Kaia Gerber and Hudson Jeans SS'18 Launch Party

David Ruff

Tonight was the Hudson Jeans' launch party of their newest instillation of trendy denim and leather, hosted by their campaign muse, Kaia Gerber, and to say I was psyched to attend would be a major understatement! Hudson Jeans' presentation showcased some new embroidered denim pants and diamond-encrusted leather jackets that you will see all your fave bloggers and editors strutting in, when it hits stores in the Spring. 

The party was in a huge loft in Soho, with lines and paparazzi around the whole block eager to get a peek at the pandemonium that occurred inside this fashionable event. When you entered in there was a huge step and repeat, and huge posters of Kaia EVERYWHERE! I brought two of my best friends Anna and Victoria, and it was such a great bonding date with all of us. An A-list DJ, fun 360 degree photo booths, and two floors of partying with the chic clothing draped on mannequins, it was an event to remember.

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Selfie time @KaiaGerber

Hudson Jeans SS'18 Launch Party, 10/20/17

For those of you who might not know, Kaia Gerber is the daughter of Cindy Crawford - iconic American supermodel. And if you don't know who Cindy Crawford is, then I'm disappointed in you, LOL. I got the chance to talk to Kaia a bit about her favorite denim, our friends that we have in common, and this past hectic Fashion Week. Gerber is definitely a million times more beautiful in person, and funny too! We posed for some pictures together and we jokingly made our "serious model faces", as Kaia called it. As you can tell, Kaia towers over me, and in my defense she had heels on and has supermodel genes... not a fair match. Now to my outfit!!


This past Fashion Week, at nearly all of the shows I attended at least 5 people were wearing these retro-esque grey plaid blazers, so I couldn't help but jump on the trend! I am never one to go for whatever is "hot at the moment", but I really gravitated towards the pattern, texture, and structure. A classic blazer can elevate any bland outfit or body type by hugging your waist, drawing attention to the shoulders (and for women, especially your décolletage), and adding major professional vibes. 

As the blazer was my main focus of the outfit, I wore a white tee and my favorite Rag & Bone black ripped jeans. Black ripped jeans are my ultimate go-to, I wear them at least three times a week. And for my sneaks (not pictured), they were cracked leather Fenty (Rihanna's brand) x Puma "creepers". This is an outfit that can literally take you from day to night, Brunch with friends to date night. My number one rule is fill your closet with classics that complement your body and each other, and you can create an infinite amount of stylish looks, always feeling confident. Plus who doesn't love a little monochrome color scheme? I know Kaia can definitely attest to that. 

Shop my look

Blazer -


Sneakers -

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!


Obama's Style Through The Years

David Ruff

Today, August 4th, marks the 44th president's 56th birthday. Barack was definitely one of the most stylish presidents, especially in contrast to you know who. Let's just say that orange is not a color in Barack's wardrobe. Now let's look at my fave style moments from his blush pink button down on the Fourth of July circa 2013 to a tan suit he wore in the briefing room back in 2014 (SO ME, I know right).

Inauguration Parade, 2009



First things first, red is definitely Obama's color. The subtle red scarf goes to show he knows what compliments his outfit and Michelle's outfit. Obama's coat, leather shoes, and gloves are the icing on the democratic cake. I know style when I see it.

MBA All Star Game, 2009

Obama definitely called the whole "Dad Jeans" look before us bloggers did, and he rocks it. Vintage is definitely a look for Mr. President. 

Martha's Vineyard, 2010

Obama rocking the denim once againnnnn. Obama could be a fashion blogger in his own right, with the whole belt and sandal situation and the baseball cap matching everything. And those sunglasses upgraded his look from 100 to 1000. 

Fourth Of July, 2013

Obama definitely took a page out of my style book with the blush pink short sleeve button down. If I hadn't released my blog only this year, I would take major credit. Any whom, Michelle looks as pleased as we do with this salmon and khaki combo. 

Shopping at the Gap, 2014

As I said, Obama knows his color is red. Man of the people inside the Gap, well that is style in a nutshell. Even presidents love bargains.

Hawaii, 2014

Obama's accessories are way too cool, including the snow cone, pun intended. Back at it again with the sunnies and the polos, it's a vibe if you will.

Briefing Room, 2014

This tan suit is easily one of the many highlights in Obama's presidential run. Sure Obama was probably conversing with reporters about important world issues, but we all know this suit stole the show. 

Halloween, 2015

Don't mind Obama, he is laughing about the fact that he made neutrals a thing, not Kanye. Sorry, love you Kanye. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

Picking The Right Underwear?

David Ruff

Underwear? You are probably thinking, "David, what the f****!?!?", but I have went through a ton of trial and error in terms of picking the right underwear for myself and what I wear. I am really picky but (no pun intended) - I noticed the topic of underwear, especially for men, is rather taboo. Lets face it, when wearing tapered pants such as skinny denim, our "package" needs to be comfortable. Also, baggy itchy boxers aren't exactly settling with tight bottoms, or any bottoms.

Finally, I came across a couple different styles of Calvin Klein briefs that satisfy everything on my checklist. I wear these boxers with skinny denim, denim shorts, track shorts, sweat pants, dress pants, and any other form of bottoms. These pairs work for any occasion from day-to-day errands, to dressy events, to even a hot Summer day at the beach, etc.

The material of my blue pairs are so extremely soft, I sometimes even sleep in them. To say they feel like clouds are an understatement. OK, I'm exaggerating, but you feel me? They are tight enough that it leaves room for you know what, but not too baggy to be annoying in the vicinity of the crotch to leg. They feel like a second skin which is essential to constant comfort. The briefs are visually pleasing too.

The Calvin Klein logo repeated on the elastic band is classic and on-trend. They have definitely appeared on occasion on my Instagram, subtly (of course fully clothed). All in all, these pairs definitely gain points for comfort and aesthetic.


Disclaimer I am not the underwear model, trust me I wish I had those abs (sadly not). Anyways, To shop click on any of the images below. Use the code "SUMMER" at checkout for 20% off your purchase.

I hope I helped those whom were silently struggling in finding the right pair of briefs or maybe those who needed a pleasant unexpected change. I find that miniscule changes in my wardrobe make all the difference. It never hurts updating your underwear and sock drawer because at the end of the day we all have those super uncomfortable old pairs that just sit there taking up valuable real estate.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

New YouTube Video: Summer Vacation Lookbook + Styling Tips | Puerto Rico

David Ruff

Earlier this month, I took a trip to Puerto Rico! I filmed a lookbook of all different chic trendy items that you can wear on the beach, and from day to night.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

Transitional Spring Outfit

David Ruff

April is coming to an end, and May is slowly but indefinitely emanating. This means Spring fashion is inevitable to avoid. I talked about Spring skincare (here), and even made a look book about Spring fashion on my YouTube (here), but transitioning between seasons can be an enmity for many people. In this look, I wore a baby blue linen shirt, which is Spring in a nutshell. For a pop of color, (that also was monochromatic with my shirt) I added a suede baby blue belt. I dulled down this look by wearing a grey denim jacket and grey denim jeans, this posits easy style that is interchangeable for those cold nights, and those hot days with a subtle breeze. To make my outfit more Spring-esque (and embodying nature - not that nature is in my realm of expertise), I wore camouflage printed sneakers. My oversized black aviators automatically elevated my look from stylish to cool. When creating a transitional Spring outfit, it is essential to keep in mind the weather but also the aesthetic of the season in which you are embodying. Plus, posing in front of flowers and some plants never hurt your point you are trying to make.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

New YouTube Video: LA Travel Vlog: Kylie Jenner, My Uber Nightmare, Outfits, Food, and More!

David Ruff

Recently I was in LA, and I wanted to take you with me! I saw Tyga… and Kylie Jenner? I got left on the side of the highway by a smoking Uber driver. But aside from the craziness, I had a great time filled with food, friends, family, and shopping! Watch the vlog down below! P.S. watch my previous vlog here (My get ready with me / Saturday morning).

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

LA Outfit Diary

David Ruff

I have been in LA since Saturday and I am sadly leaving today! I have brought you along my trip on my Instagram, Snapchat, and here too. In the process of editing my vlog for this trip, I wanted to share with you guys what I wore each day and night during this fun trip! Whenever I travel I always recycle my essentials and normally don't wear everything in my (overpacked) suitcase.


I always wear sweats when I am flying - it is the comfiest option out there. I wore black joggers, a cotton/cashmere blend sweater from Banana Republic, and my favorite checkered Vans. To give my all black outfit a subtle pop of color, I wore a blush pink ripped denim jacket from ASOS. I accessorized this look by adding black aviators, a sterling silver Armani watch, and a cute black dried-lava bracelet from Greece. And many of you may question my choice to have a clear backpack, but it was actually quite cool, and I got a ton of compliments on it. 


It was a must to start the day off in a robe and pajamas to order in room service. After I got ready for the day in Malibu, I wore an all white outfit. Click here for the blog post for more details and shots of the outfit. Later, we went to dinner during sunset at Nobu Malibu. I wore my favorite black ripped jeans from Rag & Bone, black leather boots from Zara, a green khaki bomber from Zara, and a denim button-down shirt from Gap.


The weather got really hot that day and I had a blogger brunch hosted by Bliss Spa. I kept it casual, stylish, and fun, so I wore my new pink tie-dye shorts from Urban Outfitters, a blush pink tee from TopMan, a new burgundy zip-up from All Saints, circle sunnies, and my checkered Vans once again. After that, later that afternoon I had a facial with Angela Caglia (if you are ever in LA - go see her she has magic hands!), then dinner at Mr. Chow's. So I changed into a striped long sleeve shirt from Zara, black dress pants from ASOS, a new denim grey jacket from All Saints, white sneakers from Zara, silver mirror sunnies, and a brown belt.


My mom and I went to breakfast at the Beverly Hills hotel. I wore my fave grey waffle-textured shirt, my grey denim jacket, green khaki jeans from Zara, the same black leather boots, and sunnies from Saint Laurent. We bumped into two celebs there - Tyga and John Stamos! Later, I went to spend the day in Malibu again with my friend Talula Dempsey (check out her blog here). It was pretty hot out although the beach has a tendency to get windy. So I wore beige shorts, a black hoodie, and my Adidas slides. When we went to dinner at Catch, I simply switched out my shorts for my dress pants and put on my Vans (which have been my favorite lately).


Due to the fact that I decided to be athletic and "hike to" the Hollywood sign I wore a not so fashionable outfit. I spent the day wandering around Melrose and eating my way through the city. From acai bowls to bubble tea, I stayed in my shorts which kinda turned out to be athletic-chic. For dinner, I wore a grey sweater, black pants, and black boots.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

All White LA Vibes

David Ruff

In LA, everything is very light and airy so I thought an all white look would be appropriate for going to lunch in Malibu. Before Uber-ing to Malibu, we stopped at LACMA, which is the coolest museum and they have an outdoor area dedicated to cohesive grey lampposts that go as far as the eye can see. Normally, I am an all back outfit kinda guy, and my favorite other colors to wear are beige, grey, and blush. Wearing all white is something I never really did because it is such a statement and I never want my clothes to get dirty. So as I expanded my wardrobe repertoire, I embraced an all white style and I love it! I wore a Gap cream knit sweater paired with a vintage Gucci belt, white ripped jeans with an uneven hem from ASOS, and I threw on my favorite white velcro sneakers from Zara. Since it tends to get chilly on the beach I wore a basic denim jacket from Theory and had a white scarf in my backpack to pull out. If you love my look you can shop it and similar styles with this link!

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

The Guide To Finding the Perfect Vintage Piece

David Ruff

Over the Summer, I visited San Fransisco, California, and I did some shopping. It was actually my first time vintage shopping. When vintage shopping, you never know what you are going to get. For first timers like myself, I didn't know how different vintage stores would be from regular shopping or online shopping. There are so many options, and the quality of the clothing varies. I quickly learned that I should prioritize the quality, bargain, and longevity of the product.

I selected this brown suede overcoat from Wasteland for only $65! I was debating between other pieces such as bombers and denim jackets, but this coat met every expectation on my checklist. The quality is amazing - it is suede and there are no indications of damage. There was only one stain in the inside of the coat which is easily removable, but otherwise it looks absolutely new! The bargain for this piece was great, a suede overcoat of this quality could be hundreds of dollars and it was a fraction of the price! And lastly, I knew this coat was going to last me such a long time. The coat is such a timeless piece and will never go out of style. The quality also ensures that it will provide longevity. Also, my most important tip is to imagine five outfits that could go with the purchase. I thought of countless ways to style my coat. My most favorite combo is a black turtleneck, leather boots, skinny jeans, and a cool pair of sunglasses. My coat went with my favorite looks, and even elevated those outfits, then I knew right away this was the right purchase.

These tips can also be useful for any type of shopping you do! If it is online, in-store, splurging, or vintage as well, it is always a good idea to give yourself guidelines so you don't just impulse shop. Knowing what you want is really essential for being a responsible shopper, and can lead you to finding special products not only the first thing you see.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

Is Nerdy the New Chic?

David Ruff

Styles and trends are constantly evolving and changing. As you know from previous blog posts (such as my post about Structured and Loose Layering) I love mixing different shapes and silhouettes. Lately, on just about every celebrity and influencer's Instagram, everybody has been rocking faux glasses and loafers. These two accessories go with just about anything. I have been inspired by the athleisure trend, and incorporating formal loafers with baggy sweats have an effortless vibe as the different styles compliment each other. In a sense the styles even out each other - the formality of the loafers and the relaxed aesthetic of the sweats, to create an overall cool simple look. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

How To Style an Outfit Like a 90s Kid

David Ruff

The trends of the 90s quite recently have been making a comeback. Although, I am only fifteen and never have actually been a 90s kid, from movies to TV shows to pictures to what all the fashionistas are wearing now, I curated an outfit inspired by these styles. 

My base was a grey waffle long sleeve shirt to add more texture. On top of a pop of color, I added an oversized short sleeve mustard tee from Topman. To complete the look, baggy grey jeans demonstrated a more casual vibe. My new checkered vans made the outfit pop as well. These circular blue and purple sunnies from Westward Leaning gave the outfit a more modern twist.

Overall, my outfit had undertones of different shades of grey, with additional pops of colors and patterns to exemplify the fun trends of the 90s. The things that weren't so great from the 90s were the shark tooth necklaces and rainbow jelly bracelets, and I am glad I left that out from my look.



Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!

New YouTube Video: Spring Look Book

David Ruff

Spring is just around the corner, so I felt the need to provide some inspiration for my viewers on what to wear, how to wear it, and all the up and coming trends! If you love my YouTube videos I will always have a video up at least every other week. I am going to try to do videos for consecutive weeks here and there! 

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!