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When To Splurge On A Designer Item


When To Splurge On A Designer Item

David Ruff


Growing up in New York City, everyone seems to be decked out and on a runway of their own. Instead of never-ending catwalks, the latest in fashion seemed to be debuted on the hard concrete of 5th avenue. From the stylish people to the intricate window displays, I couldn’t wait for the day until I could get my hands on pieces that conveyed my personal style.

Last spring I finally did. I got my first large paycheck while I was in Paris (great timing, I know) for my grandmother’s 81st birthday. The teenager in me wanted to spend it all in one day; however, the adult in me told myself to slow down. I decided to create a rule of thumb for all future paychecks: save 70% and have fun with the remaining 30%. Most times I save my paychecks as a whole and don’t touch them until tax season, but anyways, back to the fashion advice. I knew I wanted something long-lasting but equally unique.

When shopping designer you need to identify what you really want. Do you want a trendy item? Perhaps a traditional piece? As I walked in to the Gucci store on Avenue Montaigne, I already had in mind what I wanted. On Instagram the “dad sneaker” was blowing up and the Off-White Box Logo Ryhton Sneakers from Gucci kept popping up on my feed. When you are a rookie shopper most people will tell you, my mother and grandmother included, to stick to understated luxury items. I didn’t listen; I wanted my first pair of designer shoes to be memorable. For me, the shoes were traditional in their own way. I wear white sneakers practically every day, and with these sneakers, I felt they were a step up from my plain white sneakers. I loved them.

While there is no secret formula on deciding what, when, and where to purchase designer pieces, I truly believe you will know inside. In subsequent purchases, I fell in love with a wide range of items whether they be deemed timeless or trendy. My personal style consists of high and low, classic and unorthodox, neutral and colorful — but that is what makes it me. Buy what makes you happy (save responsibly) as cheesy as it may sound. Even though you can find this quote on any basic girl’s Instagram, Yves Saint Laurent’s words still remain wise: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” And even if you can’t shop designer today, you can still make the world your runway now.



Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!