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What I Wore + The Kaia Gerber and Hudson Jeans SS'18 Launch Party

David Ruff

Tonight was the Hudson Jeans' launch party of their newest instillation of trendy denim and leather, hosted by their campaign muse, Kaia Gerber, and to say I was psyched to attend would be a major understatement! Hudson Jeans' presentation showcased some new embroidered denim pants and diamond-encrusted leather jackets that you will see all your fave bloggers and editors strutting in, when it hits stores in the Spring. 

The party was in a huge loft in Soho, with lines and paparazzi around the whole block eager to get a peek at the pandemonium that occurred inside this fashionable event. When you entered in there was a huge step and repeat, and huge posters of Kaia EVERYWHERE! I brought two of my best friends Anna and Victoria, and it was such a great bonding date with all of us. An A-list DJ, fun 360 degree photo booths, and two floors of partying with the chic clothing draped on mannequins, it was an event to remember.

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Selfie time @KaiaGerber

Hudson Jeans SS'18 Launch Party, 10/20/17

For those of you who might not know, Kaia Gerber is the daughter of Cindy Crawford - iconic American supermodel. And if you don't know who Cindy Crawford is, then I'm disappointed in you, LOL. I got the chance to talk to Kaia a bit about her favorite denim, our friends that we have in common, and this past hectic Fashion Week. Gerber is definitely a million times more beautiful in person, and funny too! We posed for some pictures together and we jokingly made our "serious model faces", as Kaia called it. As you can tell, Kaia towers over me, and in my defense she had heels on and has supermodel genes... not a fair match. Now to my outfit!!


This past Fashion Week, at nearly all of the shows I attended at least 5 people were wearing these retro-esque grey plaid blazers, so I couldn't help but jump on the trend! I am never one to go for whatever is "hot at the moment", but I really gravitated towards the pattern, texture, and structure. A classic blazer can elevate any bland outfit or body type by hugging your waist, drawing attention to the shoulders (and for women, especially your décolletage), and adding major professional vibes. 

As the blazer was my main focus of the outfit, I wore a white tee and my favorite Rag & Bone black ripped jeans. Black ripped jeans are my ultimate go-to, I wear them at least three times a week. And for my sneaks (not pictured), they were cracked leather Fenty (Rihanna's brand) x Puma "creepers". This is an outfit that can literally take you from day to night, Brunch with friends to date night. My number one rule is fill your closet with classics that complement your body and each other, and you can create an infinite amount of stylish looks, always feeling confident. Plus who doesn't love a little monochrome color scheme? I know Kaia can definitely attest to that. 

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Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!