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Obama's Style Through The Years


Obama's Style Through The Years

David Ruff

Today, August 4th, marks the 44th president's 56th birthday. Barack was definitely one of the most stylish presidents, especially in contrast to you know who. Let's just say that orange is not a color in Barack's wardrobe. Now let's look at my fave style moments from his blush pink button down on the Fourth of July circa 2013 to a tan suit he wore in the briefing room back in 2014 (SO ME, I know right).

Inauguration Parade, 2009



First things first, red is definitely Obama's color. The subtle red scarf goes to show he knows what compliments his outfit and Michelle's outfit. Obama's coat, leather shoes, and gloves are the icing on the democratic cake. I know style when I see it.

MBA All Star Game, 2009

Obama definitely called the whole "Dad Jeans" look before us bloggers did, and he rocks it. Vintage is definitely a look for Mr. President. 

Martha's Vineyard, 2010

Obama rocking the denim once againnnnn. Obama could be a fashion blogger in his own right, with the whole belt and sandal situation and the baseball cap matching everything. And those sunglasses upgraded his look from 100 to 1000. 

Fourth Of July, 2013

Obama definitely took a page out of my style book with the blush pink short sleeve button down. If I hadn't released my blog only this year, I would take major credit. Any whom, Michelle looks as pleased as we do with this salmon and khaki combo. 

Shopping at the Gap, 2014

As I said, Obama knows his color is red. Man of the people inside the Gap, well that is style in a nutshell. Even presidents love bargains.

Hawaii, 2014

Obama's accessories are way too cool, including the snow cone, pun intended. Back at it again with the sunnies and the polos, it's a vibe if you will.

Briefing Room, 2014

This tan suit is easily one of the many highlights in Obama's presidential run. Sure Obama was probably conversing with reporters about important world issues, but we all know this suit stole the show. 

Halloween, 2015

Don't mind Obama, he is laughing about the fact that he made neutrals a thing, not Kanye. Sorry, love you Kanye. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below! Any feedback, suggestions, tips, and more. Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay Ruff!