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The Fragrances You Need For The Summer


The Fragrances You Need For The Summer

David Ruff

Summer is characterized by reminiscent aromas and scenery. Attractive yet subtle scents transform fleeting summertime moments into nostalgic, tender memories. Deep accents, sexy notes, and evanescent smells are what make a summer fragrance so indelible.

Whether you are looking for a fruity fragrance or herbaceous cologne, I’ve picked out a varied range of fragrances for anyone and everyone. Keep reading to shop my picks.

Costa Azzurra — Tom Ford

When I think of Summer, I envision the prominent royal blues and glistening turquoise colors that the European seas are comprised of. As I spritz the teal-colored Tom Ford bottle on my neck, I am transported to Sardinia, feeling the mist of the salty ocean waves crashing upon the shore. This fragrance emanates evocative notes of island woods; wearing the fragrance feels like a sun-drenched day at the beach when you lose all sense of time. Costa Azzurra is subtle yet attractive, perfect for any guy or gal looking for an alluring scent — making everyone who takes a whiff wanting more.

Music Festival — Maison Margiela

Inspired by Woodstock, Maison Margiela captures the essence of an intoxicating day at a music festival. This eau de toilette combines cannabis, tobacco, leather, cedar wood, and red apple to evoke an entrancing vibe. Whether its a night out on the town or an intimate night in, the aroma of Music Festival is irresistible.

Black Saffron — Byredo

Delicate, opulent, yet radiant would be my initial description of this unique fragrance. The golden scent of Black Saffron is composed of Asian pomelo, juniper berries, and kashmiri saffron. An integral part in Byredo’s founder’s upbringing, saffron is one of the many spices at the center of Indian culture. The visual and aromatic features of Black Saffron has made it a staple in Indian traditions. The Black Saffron fragrance is a testament to its symbolic intricacy, encompassing the elegance of Summer and its harmonious bliss. You know a fragrance is that good when you always get asked by friends what cologne you are wearing.

Bastide — Ambre Maquis

Made in Grasse, France, the warm and mysterious scent sends you to toasty European nights by the fireplace. Amber, sandalwood, rose, tangerine, and patchouli are some of the scents that make up this complex intriguing aroma. Perfect for a dinner on the beach, the notes of crisp leather and fresh florals evoke summertime intimacy.